A short film “Whole Life In A Wrong Film” film by Baris Dilaver

Short film “Whole Life In A Wrong Film”

A film from Baris Dilaver

Picture 11baris dilaverPicture 9Picture 8

“This is the story of Bill, a traveler from a planet of pure reason, looking for his identity. His world exists only of intellectual and material things.

Relationships exist only for sheer profit, and the pursuit of more power. The absolute key to surviving in this superficial society is to use or be used.

Bill begins to dream; a daydream or perhaps a nightmare, searching for the Heartbeat of his identity. He leaves his planet, floating away in a virtual dream world.

He disconnects totally from his former life, and finds himself in front of a large mysterious door. He convinces an odd creature, the Gatekeeper, to open the door. The whole cosmos reveals itself in a floodgate that bursts open in a maelstrom of memories and emotions. This dream world is fraught with delirium; yet everything becomes tangible.”

He wakes up in this other dimension, not knowing what brought him there. He has no
control over what is happening to him in this new dimension.
He is constantly being called back to his old world, but there is no way to return. The urge to move on is stronger, and so he decides to go on, since the risk of death or losing everything is suddenly more hopeful than the morbid life he escaped from.

Picture 20 Picture 18 Picture 17In his dream, Bill was faced with life and death and felt a loneliness that urged him to disconnect from his virtual reality. Through his dreams, connecting with the creatures and people he encountered, Bill realizes the value of living life and who he really is.
And so, Bill lets go of his dream world. He decides to reconnect with the spirit of his childhood and innocence that he had completely lost and forgotten. Most important of all, he finds the joy of love. He not only has transformed himself, but also has transformed his planet. Bill’s journey ends with liberation; he is now free and so is the world around him.

Making of  “Whole Life In A Wrong Film” The cast and creative team:

Pascal Zauner:
Artist, Bill

Barış Dilaver:
Director, Director of Picture, Camera, Light, Narration, Editing, Animation, Scene Image: Table Scene, Script

Josef Büchsenmeister: Sound:
Interviews Light, Assistant Making of Camera, Editing, Animation

Picture 24
Baris DIlaverPicture 22

Karl Baummann, Barış Dilaver:

Winnie-Christine Faust:
Production Manager

Franz Josef Danner:
Light: Greenbox, Cinema Camera Assistant:Greenbox, Cinema

David Gayer: Light:

Sarah Mangelberger:
Light: Bed Scene

Sound Recording:
Nikolaus Abit Patrick Kautz

Cinema Scene:
Schikaneder Kino


Sequence of “Spiritual Guitar” Francies Collard © Cirque du Soleil

“Longing – The Trance” Andrea Bauer © Andrea Bauer

All rights reserved for all paintings and drawings. © 2013 Pascal Zauner

All rights reserved. © 2013 Barış Dilaver

“We are building the team to produce short film  “Whole Life In A Wrong Film” project in Vienna.

For more information contact: baris.dilaver@gmx.net

or at  facebook.https://www.facebook.com/baris.dilaver.01

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