Documentary film ÖSTÜRKREICH—Pride and Prejudice

Dear Sirs and Madams,

My name is Baris Dilaver. I am an independent filmmaker in Vienna and it is my pleasure to present to you my newest Documentary, “ÖSTÜRKREICH—Pride and Prejudice”.

How does the average Austrian view Turks and Turkey? How do Turks view Austrians? How do Turkish immigrants feel in Austria? How well do the much-discussed migrant-integration programs work? What exactly does immigration mean at all? Does the influence of a foreign culture threaten the “native” culture? Should immigrants have the same rights as Austrians?

The film attempts to carefully animate the viewpoint of the recipient, no matter their cultural affiliation, with the goal that they think independently about an increasingly multicultural and changing society, by putting the universally held negative impact of foreign culture up for discussion, questioning those views and when appropriate, refuting them. In what cases does the influence of a foreign culture harm the “native” culture and how? Does it actually harm the culture, or can we enrich ourselves and our society to the mutual benefit of both societies? Can we do this by participating in an open dialogue with each other and thus precipitate an exchange—possibly even a fruitful exchange?

First, the film sheds light on the history of the Austrian-Turkish relationship from the Turkish siege in the 15th century until the present. Over the course of such a relationship, the understanding between the two countries was flexible, at times at odds (with violent consequences) and at times friendly. Equipped with this understanding based on facts, this historical “foundation” prepares the viewer for the second half of the film. The next half recounts interviews discussions about the state of the current understanding between these two cultures, which we view as confrontational.

In this section, the discussions will be structured around important themes such as prejudice, fear, integration, politics, economics, education, and the influence of the media.

The following six experts in the field were interviewed:

  • Doz. Dr. Gottfied Liedl, Economic and Social Historian und Mag. Dr. Cengiz Günay – Political Scientest; both teach at Vienna University.
  • Lothar Fischmann, Board of Directors, Austrian-Turkish Cooperation (ÖTZ)Wien.
  • Mag. Duygu Özkan – Author / Journalist, Die Presse, Vienna
  • Harald Posch – Director, Theater Garage X, Vienna
  • Zeynep Buyrac, Actress, Vienna

The interviewees treat the key-themes—each from their own unique angle, built upon their own respective areas of expertise and their own lived experiences. Through these interviews, comprehensive clashes give way to themes, which promote understanding and mutual interest. The viewer thus does not only develop and complete his own independent experience, but rather understand all perspectives.

The goal of the film is that the viewer does not only learn the themes, but in addition that he is moved to continue to think about, bear, and possibly even incorporate these themes into the everyday discussions within his own social circle. Hopefully, the viewers will take what they learn from the film and actively work on solutions to conflicts within their own unique surroundings.

Because let’s face it: The coexistence of different cultures in our city, our country, on our continent and finally on our planet concerns us all. We are all involved, so let’s participate!

I warmly invite you to take part by my side in this challenge to identify and to promote mutual understandings and shared experiences. Today it is more important than ever to offer people information and facts, with which an understanding and common peaceful existence is possible, and the enrichment, which can offer a multicultural existence. We must recognize and appreciate these mutual understandings and cultural enrichments.

The duration of the film is 78 minutes, and as of now, the film is available only in German. Future versions with subtitles in English and Turkish are in planning.

Further, a number of cinematic premiers in Vienna and Istanbul with a following panel discussion are planned, in which guest experts will engage in dialogue with the audience, based first on the film and then going in whatever direction the audience and panel take it.

If my project has piqued your interest and you wish to take part, your financial support would help immensely in making the film available to a broader audience. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

For your donations please click here

ÖSTÜRKREICH – Pride and Prejudice [Trailer]

Baris Dilaver Video CV


Many thanks

Baris Dilaver

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